Bodybuilding: effective dietary supplements

Bodybuilding puts the muscles too hard tests. To help your muscles flourish and develop, there is no obligation to consume supplements. Unless you train really hard and want to take a step in your bodybuilding practice. In this case, then, food supplements become almost indispensable. Whey, amino acids, omega 3 … Discover in this article the best food supplements for bodybuilding.

1 / The Whey: For a better muscular growth

In French, we are talking about whey. It is a protein extracted from certain dairy products. So you should not be surprised if you discover it as ” whey protein “. In general, we talk about whey proteins to designate the 3 different types of products. These are concentrated whey, whey isolate, and whey hydrology sat.

There are alternatives to whey protein based on egg protein, soy or chickpea, for example, the latter being very popular among vegetarians.

The beneficial effects of whey in bodybuilding

If the bodybuilders do not deprive themselves of whey, it is because this protein participates in the increase of the muscular mass. Thanks to the amino acids contained in the way, the athlete has the necessary nutrients for a perfect recovery and a better muscle repair.

In addition, the way has a good assimilation speed. Taking after each workout maximizes protein recovery and synthesis.

The role of whey protein

Whey powder usually helps to supplement your protein diet. But the taking of any dietary supplement must not be a substitute for the daily diet. It should be known that the proteins brought by a balanced diet are those which participate first to the good health of the muscles. It is recommended to consume an amount of 2 to 2.2 g per kilogram of ideal body weight (desired weight). The whey is a supplement that is generally a competitive Arif tt very on the dietary supplements market.

2 / Creatine to develop strength

The human body naturally secretes creatine. It consists of a set of three amino acids that are glycine, methionine, and arginine. Creatine is also ingested when eating fish, red meat or poultry. But it is also possible to buy supplements with creatine monohydrate.

Why favor creatine in bodybuilding?

The food supplements containing creatine help optimize and athletic performance by facilitating our recovery and increasing the strength. To better understand this, let ‘s take a quick look at how the physical activity works: Muscular activity is accompanied by energy expenditure. During contraction, the energy used comes from ATP from the metabolites. Thanks to creatine, ATP is maintained at a good level. In the body, we find the creative in the form of phosphocreatine. The latter is used to regenerate ATP during exercise. Thus, more phosphocreatine ADP (another molecule from ATP) gives it creatine more ATP. Phosphocreatine regeneration mechanisms are performed during the rest phases following the effort following the reverse scheme.

Take creatine as a supplement

Creatine is required for product ire energy that muscles need during exercise. You can take them as a supplement to improve its quantity in the body. This increases the physical strength. Regular intake of creatine monohydrate helps maintain muscle integrity and maintain good health. However, specialists recommend catches ranging from 2 to 5 g per day. For a good assimilation, it is better to take the creatine after each training with a sweet drink (like grape juice for example) which will increase the insulin rate and open the anabolic window.


3 / omega 3 to preserve the joints

Many experts consider omega 3 as a miracle ingredient. It is acid polyunsaturated fatty s st that apparition nen to the family of lipids. Now, these form the membrane of our cells. Unfortunately, omega 3 is less and less present in our everyday foods. Where can we find them?


Food supplements based on omega 3 to avoid deficiency

Since the diet does not provide enough omega 3 and that buying fresh fish every day is not within reach of all budgets, it is necessary to supplement this insufficient intake by taking supplements. Especially when you want to practice bodybuilding that puts the joints to the test. Taking omega 3 capsules prevents any deficiencies. Note that these can also weaken r neurons and brain function. The best way to meet daily needs is to consume about 2g of omega 3 per day. Remember to eat foods rich in omega 3 such as walnuts, canola oil, corn salad, but also fatty fish such as herring, salmon (wild if possible), the xs mackerel and anchovies are.

Benefits of omega 3 on neurons

For better transport of information from the sensory receptors to the x s muscle, one must ask is healthy neurons. However, omega 3 can maintain the flexibility of neuronal walls. And that’s not all! These polyunsaturated fatty acids facilitate the connections between the different cells of the body. For the athlete, we recommend an omega 3 supplement with a balance between EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). In addition to their positive actions on the muscles, these fatty acids also prove to be excellent heart protectors.

4 / Vitamins to regenerate your muscles

There are several groups of vitamin s. Each vitamin group assures a pr function ├ęcise in the body. L vitamin C, for example, helps fight against muscle fatigue. We should not hesitate to take a “canned push”. A vitamin boost can help the athlete to refuel energy and overcome fatigue can brake one activity.

Good tonics

If you are doing bodybuilding, then you need vitamins for a good muscle balance. In case of a deficit, you can opt for fresh fruits and vegetable cure or supplement you vitamin supplements ed. These good tonics contribute to the development of muscle mass and cell protection. But, these tonics are not candies. They should be taken in moderation, especially by asking the opinion of a specialist according to your case.

Do not buy vitamins anywhere

Obviously, with the very profitable market of food supplements, there are more and more products of dubious quality. So be careful. In particular, prefer serious websites that give specific details about the products sold. Be sure also choose vo s supplement s food s by carefully reading the labels. As for vitamin supplements, know that a supplement too rich in vitamins (AJR very above average) can produce the opposite effect: too many antioxidants can oxidize the body and accelerate aging cells. This is the case, for example, US brand (sometimes banned in the European Union) constantly looking for the product that will make the most of him but forget reason keep.


5 / Amino acids to avoid catabolism and better recovery

From a physiological point of view, it is the amino acids that form the proteins. When several amino acids bind to each other, the assembly results in a protein. In a protein, there are in all more than 50 amino acids.

The research has shed light on basic 20 amino acids and whose importance is found in most sports performance such as a glutamine, arginine, lysine, glycine, etc.

Essential amino acids

Among the 20 basic amino acids that have been presented above, there are 9 essential amino acids. Scientists present them as essential because the human organism can not make them. The reason why it would be necessary to have a diet containing a sufficient rate of these essential nutrients.